Toaplan Shooting Battle

Tiger Heli, Kyukyoku Tiger and Twin Cobra, all of them "pixel perfect". The trembling roar of the tiger.


One of the most impressive games in the entire FM Towns catalog. Perfect conversion of the Namco arcade classic.

Twinkle Tale

The obscure jewel of Wonder Amusement Studio is, without doubt, one of best titles ever made for Mega Drive.


FM Towns Marty Beginner Tips

FM Towns Marty is a very unknown system by Western collectors. This article aims to guide interested users into the first and most important characteristics of this platform before buying it. Welcome to Marty side!


Windjammers is coming to Switch, DotEmu has announced. The game will be released on the system later this year.
Etrian Odyssey X and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 lead Japan latest Nintendo eShop sales.
Octopath Traveler reaches 1 million in worldwide shipments and digital sales.
Sega has announced Sonic Mania Plus, a packaged release version of Sonic Mania with new features, due out this summer. It will cost $29.99.
Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy headed to Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


Charlie Dyson

The second interview in Gakkon is dedicated to a lover of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises. Owner of an awesome collection and international reference of these series, from UK the friend Charlie Dyson "Soracloud" answers our questions.



Space Harrier

Icon during the best times from SEGA Arcade, the playable approach but especially its graphics, fascinated several generations. Welcome to Fantasy Zone!


NES Famicom Visual Compendium

This book aims to showcase the very best pixel art, box art and product design on each system. Spread over 536 pages, it features more than 170 classic games and interviews.


Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2

Directly from Masato Nakamura composer, this album contains original versions of the songs from the Mega Drive titles as well as demos that turned into the songs on the games.